Some related thoughts that I have also been playing with, in various ways:


Many are saying that video is more and more important. I still don't watch much video, and when I do it is generally silly. But there might be something to it.

Some thougths:

  1. Really good video is very expensive and hard work. It basically should be left to professionals. And when it is done, it still needs to have a good concept, a good script and so on.
  2. 'Viral' video is hard to achieve and although it may not necessarily be as expensive in $$ it is expensive in talent. You can't just decide to 'do something viral'. You need to be genius enough to create something like the old spice ads. Good luck with that. Perhaps it's not so much something we can aim for, as something that we can be on the lookout for in case it falls in our lap.
  3. We are figuring out how to do lo-fi video well. Pastors advertising events into their Macbooks is awful. Badly recorded interviews or live audio video is bad. But iChat-recorded interviews (like the 'Ask Andrew' vids on work, as do the pastor video blogging (see Steve Chong's Lausanne vids on



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