The Younger Generation Don't Read Blogs

I'm still getting the hang of how to best connect with uni students through technology. I think I'm getting a feel for how they operate. Here are some thoughts:

  1. They don't read blogs. They don't know how to use an RSS feed reader. They rarely read blogs imported into Facebook. I think it's worth teaching and encouraging them to read blogs, just as you encourage them to read good Chrsitian books. But it is a skill to be taught.
  2. They don't even listen to heaps of Christian podcasts/vodcasts. Compared to those five years ago. I doubt the average 18 year old today is watching much Driscoll. Interesting. See 1. above.
  3. They don't really use Twitter. At least not in Tassie, and not even heaps in Australia I think. I think Twitter is still more of a coroporate thing in our country. And a geek thing.
  4. They do use Facebook. But don't interact wisely or regularly with Facebook Pages. You have to teach them to @ tag Facebook Pages.
  5. They do interact pretty well with Facebook Events. This is probably the easiest way to mass-communicate with them and give announcements: create a Facebook Event.
  6. This raises the limitations of Facebook:

The Limitations of Facebook

  1. It's a pain to be driven to using a corporate place, rather than a public place. I hope social networking gets unhinged from one coprorations' site sometime soon. The RSS of social networking would be lovely.
  2. There are no easy ways of grouping people, mass-inviting, and mass emailing.
  3. Facebook email is stupid. I think it is well worth teaching younger people how to use email well. It is far superior to Facebook mail. Get your Facebook emails to send notifications to your real email and always encourage people to use real email.
  4. However, you are more likely to get response through Facebook email. It's a slow and annoying way to communicate.
  5. An amazing number of students use Facebook Wall to post delegation reuqests, ask personal questions and even quite long person-to-person chit chat. Yuck.



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